Subproject #4

Drinking water contaminants – A screening project

The specific aims of this sub project includes investigation of the presence of organic contaminants (OCs) in different types of drinking water from different cities in the YRD, and to assess and compare the human exposure of OCs in drinking water and also to identify the major risks. Hopefully we will finally be able to propose a monitoring framework for human exposure to drinking water in the YRD.

Drinking water is a main human exposure way for OCs that are increasingly detected in tap water from China. Some contaminants (i.e, pharmaceuticals, DBPs and caffeine) have higher levels in tap water in China than those in Europe and USA. There is however less knowledge on contaminants in other drinking waters than tap water, this sub project will therefore also include boiled water, tea water and water products (i.e. bottled water, barreled water and beverages).

Research team: Zhiliang Zhu, Anna Strid, Qinghui Huang, and Yanling Qiu.

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