Sub project #3

Establishment of Bellamya aeruginosa as a research monitoring species in YRD region

The main objectives of this sub project includes establishment of Bellamya aeruginosa for inclusion in the Yangtze ESB and as a suitable snail species for spatial and temporal trend analysis of environmental contaminants in the YRD region. Bellamya aeruginosa is well characterized and there is excellent and in depth knowledge on this species in the research group. Several studies have been undertaken to identify this snail species as a suitable snail species for research monitoring purposes, and it has been suggested to be a suitable species for monitoring of accumulation and toxicity of heavy metals. Within the research group has comparisons already been made between pooled samples of Bellamya aeruginosa and mussels, often used for this purpose.

At the initial stage of the project detailed analyses to create a necessary base for starting the research monitoring is needed and will include determination of:
i) Individual and male/ female differences in accumulation/ retention of pollutants.
ii) Differences between Bellamya aeruginosa and Bellamya quadrata (a similar specie).
iii) Age related accumulation of contaminants.
iv) Identification of suitable sampling locations to include in the monitoring program.

Research team: Yanling Qiu, Åke Bergman, Anders Bignert, Lillemor Asplund, Taowu Ma, Lingling Wu, Ge Yin, Yihui Zhou, Sara Danielsson, Ioannis Athanassiadis and Elisabeth Nyberg.   

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