Sub project #2

Sub-project#2: Ecotoxicology of chlorinated paraffins

Project description
Chlorinated paraffins is a group of substances that are prohibited in Europe since they are harmful to aquatic organisms and very persistent. As a consequence, the production and use of short-chained chlorinated paraffins have decreased in Europe during the last decade. At the same time the production has increased significantly in China, which means that these substances may still enter the European market via consumer products. Chlorinated paraffins have chemical properties that make them difficult to analyze in environmental samples and test in aquatic ecotoxicity systems. As a consequence, there is a lack of reliable data on their presence and effects in the environment.

The primary aim of this sub-project is to generate reliable ecotoxicity data for short- and medium chained chlorinated paraffins. This will be achieved by the application of a novel exposure system for testing of hydrophobic substances, which is based on passive dosing. Another aim with the project is to improve the effect characterization of these substances by toxicokinetic modelling in aquatic test animals. To expand our knowledge on the presence of chlorinated paraffins in the Chinese environment, this project will also offer possibilities to participate in field sampling of sediment from contaminated areas in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The sub-project is expected to start during the fall of 2015, as soon as the recruitment process of a new PhD student has finished.

Research team: Magnus Breitholtz, Elena Gorokhova, Anna Sobek, Karin Ek, Birgitta Liewenborg, Lillemor Asplund, Anna Strid

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