Sub project #1

Sub project #1. Ecotox project with Bellamya aeruginosa (and other species)

The overarching aim of this project is to characterize Bellamya aeruginosa as an indicator species for biological monitoring in the YRD. In the initial phase of the project we will focus on;
i) Evaluation of biological effects at different levels of biological organization in Bellamya aeruginosa.
ii) Validation of biochemical, physiological and histopathological markers in Bellamya.
iii) Evaluating if caging Bellamya in field settings is a way forward to monitor biological effects in the YRD region. 

The team has extensive knowledge related to Bellamya aeruginosa as an ecotoxicological test species in the lab. Its biology is well described and it has several favorable characteristics making it suitable for the project. Further, within CHEMSTRRES there is cutting edge expertise available in Shanghai or close by. The necessary facilities (i.e. cultures and equipment for analysis) is also available at Tongji University.

Research team: Daqiang Yin, Magnus Breitholtz, Lingling Wu, Taowu Ma, Rui Wang, Zhenyang Yu, Elena Gorokhova, Sara Furuhagen.

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