Sub project #8:

YESB mothers’ milk research monitoring program 

Mothers’ milk is a valuable matrix for environmental monitoring and exposure analysis for nursing children. This matrix has been used around the globe for assessing POPs and in 2015 a review article was published on this topic ( Further, there is a mothers’ milk program in China as well. Most of the present POPs are reported in Chinese mothers’ milk but no temporal trend data are available.

The aims of the subproject #8 are:

  • To establish a research monitoring procedure for sampling mothers’ milk for the Yangtze ESB;
  • To identify and quantify major persistent and bioaccumulative compounds (PBCs) in mothers’ milk from the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) area;
  • To facilitate temporal trend data report for selected PBCs in mother’s milk from YRD, China

Several samples have been collected from Shanghai and Jiaxing and stored in the Yangtze ESB. Analysis is being planned. 

Research team: Jianfu Zhao, Åke Bergman, Anders Bignert, Zhiliang Zhu, Yanling Qiu, Elisabeth Nyberg, Qianfen Xiao and Yajie Sun

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