Sino-Swedish Environmental and Health Laboratory (SINOSWEEHL)

SINOSWEEHL is jointly established by Tongji University and Stockholm University. Fully exerting the comprehensive and inter-disciplinary advantages on pollution control, environmental chemistry, environmental health and toxicology between the two universities, the SINOSWEEHL carries out researches on the process and mechanism of the environmental quality evolvement and on the environmental pollution & health effects.

The lab is equipped with advanced instruments like GC-MS, AAS, TOC analyzers and so on. Modern analytical methods are applied to systematically study the content, the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics and source apportionment of the contaminant in various environmental mediums to reveal the internal mechanism and external influence factors of the change of environmental quality. Also, the lab adopts approaches of molecular biology and epidemiology to study the relationships between mechanism of toxicity and exposure of environmental chemicals and health effects, and to assess health risk. Intensive and deep researches on the previously mentioned fields will provide scientific bases for the legislation to environmental pollution control and public health protection.

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