Reference group

The progress of CHEMSTRRES is based on close interactions with a number of relevant stakeholders, both in Sweden and China. The reference group will participate in the established and annual “Sino-Swedish Workshop on Environmental Pollutants” and annual project meetings, to follow the progress of the project, receive continuous update of results, assessments and to act as the bridge between society/governments and science. Hence, activities at and information from the authority levels are expected to be fed into the project

Members from Sweden

  • Prof. Anders Glynn – National Food Agency
  • Ms. Tove Lundeberg – Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dr. Bert-Ove Lund – Swedish Chemicals Agency
  • Ms. Charlotta Järnmark – WWF Sweden

Members from China

  • Prof. Yongning Wu – Chief Scientist, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment
  • Prof. Weixian Zhang – Director of State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, Tongji University
  • Prof. Chunxia Wang – National Science Foundation of China
  • Dr. Minxu Zhang – Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center