The 1st Chinese open workshop on endocrine disruptors

The 1st Chinese Open Workshop on Endocrine Disruptors will be held at Tongji University (Shanghai, China) from October 21-23, 2015. The workshop will identify important issues related to EDCs, human health and wildlife, and to enhance the awareness of EDCs in China and to promote international contacts and collaborations. The workshop is intended to include a similar number of the most advanced internationally renowned professionals and Chinese scientists working in the EDC area. The meeting is to include a limited number of participants to promote time for discussions, i.e. some 40-60 participants. A program is set up to include, among others, several of the outstanding professional authors behind the recently published UNEP/WHO “State of the science of endocrine disrupting chemicals – 2012” report . Some additional highly respected scientists are invited to present the state of the science on EDCs as well as including additional researchers from abroad and from China, to present their research on EDCs.

Read the full program and the workshop announcement.